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A motorcycle teardrop camper is a small camping trailer that tows behind your bike and can be pulled with most vehicles, making it an excellent option for people who love to travel or camp but want to do so in a more lightweight fashion. This article will explore some FAQs that you might have when purchasing a motorcycle teardrop camper-everything from which size to buy to what features are important to look out for.

The story behind

I just got back from a great weekend away! We drove upstate to spend the weekend camping and had an absolute blast.

I didn’t own a car, which limited my options to camping. I hated sleeping on the ground, so a tent wasn’t an option. But renting an RV wasn’t in the cards either.

I had an opportunity to test drive a motorcycle teardrop camper, and I loved it. Motorcycle campers are lightweight camping trailers that attach to a bike, making the experience more traditional but with some luxuries.

If you love the outdoors but don’t want to compromise on certain comforts, a motorcycle teardrop camper is what you need.

Here is everything you need to know about motorcycle teardrop campers.

Motorcycle Teardrop Campers

Teardrop camper trailers evolved after World War II and were originally constructed with materials obtained from surplus markets. The trailer’s body was made from steel, with the wheels coming from Jeeps salvaged from sunken ships. The skin of the trailer was usually made using fallen aircraft wings collected during WWII.

Teardrop campers are small, lightweight trailers that are shaped like a teardrop. They were conceived more than 80 years ago and are the oldest form of an RV.

Residential trailers became less popular when more powerful vehicles were invented, and they, along with fifth wheels and larger types of camping RV’s, came into existence. But this trend is slowly resurfacing thanks to the convenience that comes from traveling in a lightweight camping trailer—especially because it saves you money on gas.

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Teardrop campers are still not mainstream. They lack the luxuries that other forms of RV’s have, but in return, offer portability and a unique style.

The benefits

  • With a teardrop trailer, you don’t have to worry about lodging fees- they are cheaper than hotel costs. Additionally, the sleeper’s weight is much less than many other types of camping equipment and motorbike engine, and hence gas consumption will be lower.
  • Traveling in this camper trailer can be done with any vehicle that is capable of towing. It is lightweight and compact, both qualities that make it easy to tow.
  • Motorcycles don’t offer a lot of storage space, making it difficult to carry things like heavy camping gear and food on your journey. But with a teardrop camper trailer, you can bring the essential items for your motorcycle trip without being weighed down by unnecessary goods. Campers are perfect for people who want to enjoy the freedom of traveling on a bike but don’t want to compromise with an ultra-light camping experience.
  • Those who are not as enthusiastic about sleeping on the ground will find that these trailers give them a romantic camping experience. Campers are designed to provide small luxuries for those staying in nature and have limitations like size or features. The cabin of a motorcycle teardrop camper alternates between being your sleeping quarters and kitchen, depending on which side you stay camped out. The cabin holds a double bed that takes up the space when you want to sleep, or it functions as an expansive kitchen for cooking when you’re ready to set up base camp. To make sure you’re never bored during your adventure, it’s possible to install AC, TVs, and other electronics in the motorcycle teardrop trailer.
  • Motorcycle teardrop trailers are easy to store and provide parking for others in tight spaces due to their small size.


  • Though campers might use solar showers and portable toilets, you will need to travel at times to campgrounds or public restrooms.
  • Teardrop campers are best for short getaways such as weekend camping trips, weeklong hunting, or fishing trips. Living in a teardrop trailer full-time can be too much if you don’t like to live out of a bag.
  • Although motorcycle teardrop trailers have more storage than ordinary bikes, they are limited in this regard. Motorcycle teardrop campers are unsuitable for carrying large accessories or pets.
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The Perfect Example


MyPod’s Little Guy is a 100% molded fiberglass body little tent-home trailer. Weighing 630 lbs, the convenient vehicle towing trailer will easily equip you with any amenities during your next trip (power, A/C, an entertainment center, and more), all while remaining lightweight enough for most motorcycles or automobiles.

Deciding How to Choose a Motorcycle Teardrop Camper

Find a trailer that weighs around ±500 pounds. For instance, motorcycles can’t tow trailers weighing more than 1,000 – 2,000 pounds safely.

Different kinds of teardrop campers accommodate different needs. If you’re in the market for a space that’s well-equipped with electronics, an AC system, and other amenities, then be prepared to empty your wallet.

When deciding what type of camper trailer to get, one factor to also consider is whether you want a store-bought model or if you’d prefer the do-it-yourself route.

If you’re not a welding guru, there are commercially available teardrop camper trailers that range in price. Remember to stay under 500 lbs when purchasing or making your trailer to talk care of the roadways.

How much do teardrop campers cost?

The cost of motorcycle teardrop campers varies depending on the size, features, and other add-ons. The price of a motorcycle teardrop camper starts at $3,000, which doesn’t include motorcycle modifications. Additionally, motorcycle modifications such as installing an extra taillight can increase the price to $4.000 -5,000.

What motorcycle should I get?

There are different motorcycle types that you can use to tow the motorcycle camper trailer. Most of these motorcycle models include a Softail, chopper, or cruiser. This should not be an issue as long as your motorcycle has a hitch and you have a motorcycle trailer towing kit installed into it.

The motorcycle you purchase for motorcycle teardrop camping should be lightweight, nimble, and can carry the motorcycle teardrop camper.

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Because teardrops can camp in many different areas, choosing a motorcycle that can travel offroad is important. A regular bike will not have enough clearance or motorcycle camping equipment to go off-road.

Do motorcycle teardrop campers come in a variety of sizes?

Motorcycle teardrop campers are sold with four different floor plan options: single, double, triple, and quad. These dimensions refer to the amount of sleeping space available in the motorcycle camping trailer. Double motorcycle teardrop campers have room for two people to sleep, while the quad motorcycle teardrop camper only provides room for one person at a time.

What motorcycle accessories do I need?

It is important to have camping equipment such as sleeping bags and extra blankets for motorcycle camping trips away from home. Additionally, you should also bring cooking utensils and motorcycle camping equipment such as a table and chair.

You should keep other motorcycle travel items in the motorcycle teardrop camper, including a motorcycle GPS, motorcycle cover, and motorcycle safety kits.

What bike modifications do I need to make?

If your trailer is made commercially, installation of an extra taillight will be necessary for safety. Additional motorcycle modifications to your motorcycle will depend on the motorcycle teardrop camping trailer being used.

If you’ve chosen a DIY motorcycle camper, be sure that it also includes motorcycle safety precautions such as turn signals and brake lights.

Are motorcycle teardrops easy to tow?

Motorcycle teardrop campers are towed behind bikes using towing kits. You don’t need a motorcycle with extra power or modifications to tow a camper trailer. There are two standard motorcycle tow kits that you can find online: motorcycle tow bars and motorcycle cargo carriers.

You should ensure that the bike is already set up for trailer towing before purchasing any of these travel items. It is important to have motorcycle safety precautions and motorcycle camping equipment to prevent motorcycle accidents and motorcycle injuries.

Final words

A motorcycle teardrop camper is an excellent option for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to enjoy the freedom of traveling on a motorcycle and don’t want to compromise with an ultra-light camping experience. These trailers can be towed behind any vehicle and are perfect for short getaways, such as weekend trips or weeklong fishing excursions. They offer many of the same luxuries you might find in larger campers without being too heavy or bulky, which makes them easy to tow when necessary. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these miniature vehicles, remember not to go over 500 pounds while considering your options!

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