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Honda CB400N – TRI Flat Tracker

One year something ago we built this bike for the Greek guys of The Real Intellectuals in collaboration with that provided the donor bike.The donor bike was a 1980 Honda CB400N and the target was to built a flat tracker bike with it…. a bit crazy idea and due to that we decided going on.Actually we kept just the main column of the CB frame… rest was built following the idea of our crazy girl Mihaela that is in chargue of our designs, the new shape was a very thinny one seeking more height and lenght, the new rear swingarm is 18 cm longer than the original one and was transformed in monoshock suspension, for the front end we used a Yamaha SR500 fork completly rebuilt.At the body level we use a Kawasaki G7SS tank combined with a handmade alluminium tail that provided the thinny look we wanted, the paint pattern was choosen by The Real Intellectuals, and the frame was powdercoated in a texturized gun black.Being a race bike we overhauled the engine and eliminate almost all electrics, the bike has only the ignition wiring and no battery, it cranks just kicking.The result was a light and thinny flat tracker bike that due to the low wheight runs pretty fine with the Honda 400 twin engine.

Photo credit: Mihaela Lopez Photography

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