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Kawasaki KZ750 – Offender

This bike was built almost at the same time of the TRI Flat Tracker and probably due to that we didn’t pay too much attention in showing it and is one of our less known builts… our fault because is a very cool bike from every point of view.

The bike donor was a Kawasaki KZ750LTD, the built was ordered by our friend Anastasis from Athens with the only request of being a two places bike in a tracker style, so we start to think about… definitely the Kawa 750 powerplant was a powerful base for creating a kind of muscle tracker so we start to rebuilt it and add some tricks for getting as much power as possible, carbs rejet, free intake, 4 in 1 exhaust with a removable db killer, new ignition coils and pointers, new pistons, full overhauled cyclinders head… a lot of work but the resutl was incredible… a traker with the power of a sport bike… and the sound…At frame level we raise the subframe for getting a straight line and eliminate all not necessary parts, after that we powdercoated it in a cool pearl black.At body level we go on a broken white color for getting a vintage shape but… Anastasis is the owner of a cool bar in Athens, and is a petrolhead, in the bar he has a wall full of stickers so we decide to make an stickerbomb over the tank, for that we choosen hydrotransfer… was a headache to combine it with the traditional paint but we got it. The seat with the integrated tail light was handbuilt and upholstered in an special treated brown leather with steached diamond pattern.As the 4 in 1 exhaust had a cool look we decide to push it up making a broke white ceramic heat resistant coatig on it.All of that combined with a new built wiring harmnes, a MMB electronic speedo and a grilled yellow headligth made the final result.

Photo credit: Mihaela Lopez Photography

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