Kawasaki KZ400: The Workhorse Gets A Facelift

Today, I’m taking a look at a bike that has probably slipped under a lot of people’s radar. The unassuming commuter/workhouse that is the Kawasaki KZ400. But it’s not until you start to do some research though, that you begin to find some interesting things about a bike that let’s be honest, is comparatively uninteresting. Production started all the way…

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Bobber, Honda

Honda Shadow Steps Into The Light

In the early 80’s Honda brought out their line of laid back V- twins, in an attempt to cash-in on the ever-growing Cruiser market. The first models were in 500 and 750 guises, but the latter fell foul of newly introduced 45% import duty tax, which prompted a re-sleeving of the engine down to 700cc. However, once the levy was…

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Cafe Racer, Yamaha

The Yamaha Virago: From Cruiser To Cafe Racer

They may have been aimed at the Cruiser market, but the Yamaha Virago sure makes a sexy Café Racer. One of the first production bikes to boast a mono-shock rear end, the Yamaha Virago appeared in the dealer showrooms in 750cc form in 1981. Well before the term was even conceived, the Virago was the first traditionally mounted V-twin engined…

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Cafe Racer, Honda

Honda’s Game Changing CB450

February the 7th 1965, not a date that history teachers would have battered into the minds of the nation’s youth, but if you were Beatles guitarist George Harrison it was a big deal. It was the day he had his tonsils removed. Perhaps more interestingly however, it was also mere months away from the launch of a motorcycle that would…

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Bobber, Kawasaki

The Custom Bobber – From Mild To Wild

Fancy giving your motorcycle the Custom Bobber look? Read on… For the majority of people who have forked out their hard-earned cash to finally own that dream bike, the first thing they want to do is customize their ride in some way, just to put their own mark on it and differentiate their machine from the rest of the herd.

Bobber, Yamaha

The Fall and Rise of the Yamaha XS650 Bobber

OK, confession time, I am a serious fan of the ‘Bobber.’ Admittedly, the style is not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but there are two major factors that drove me to this particular style. Firstly, I can’t imagine owning a stock bike for more than a day without reaching for the angle grinder. Secondly, my lack of mechanical skill coupled with…

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