Hi, my name is Jacob. I’m the founder of Backyard Rider Mag – a blog about motorcycles. It’s a real-time social network for motorcyclists that features reviews, interviews with industry experts, and links riders to one another via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. I’ve studied engineering in college but decided to make blogging my career because it really aligned with what I wanted to do creatively – talk about bikes!

Jacob Backyardrider

I’ve been riding for 16 years now- everything from sportbikes to cruisers, dirt bikes or even dual sports. And after all these years on the road, there are still new bikes that excite me just as much as when I first started riding. The thing about being an enthusiast is that you have your own tastes and preferences. What’s awesome to one person is just another bike for some. And that’s fine! It’s not a competition of who has the best taste or how much more experience you have riding than somebody else – we all benefit from sharing our experiences and learnings with each other on this amazing journey called life.

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I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who have been riding for years and want to explore the world of motorcycles more. My goal with this blog is introduce you to some things I’ve learned over time about the motorcycle industry and help you discover new things.

All while having fun of course!

I want this to be an interactive blog as well, so please don’t be shy – hit me up on social media!


Jacob from Backyard Rider Mag!