Cafe Racer, Yamaha

The Yamaha Virago: From Cruiser To Cafe Racer

They may have been aimed at the Cruiser market, but the Yamaha Virago sure makes a sexy Café Racer. One of the first production bikes to boast a mono-shock rear end, the Yamaha Virago appeared in the dealer showrooms in 750cc form in 1981. Well before the term was even conceived, the Virago was the first traditionally mounted V-twin engined…

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Cafe Racer, Honda

Honda’s Game Changing CB450

February the 7th 1965, not a date that history teachers would have battered into the minds of the nation’s youth, but if you were Beatles guitarist George Harrison it was a big deal. It was the day he had his tonsils removed. Perhaps more interestingly however, it was also mere months away from the launch of a motorcycle that would…

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