Kawasaki KZ400: The Workhorse Gets A Facelift

Today, I’m taking a look at a bike that has probably slipped under a lot of people’s radar. The unassuming commuter/workhouse that is the Kawasaki KZ400. But it’s not until you start to do some research though, that you begin to find some interesting things about a bike that let’s be honest, is comparatively uninteresting. Production started all the way…

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Bobber, Kawasaki

The Custom Bobber – From Mild To Wild

Fancy giving your motorcycle the Custom Bobber look? Read on… For the majority of people who have forked out their hard-earned cash to finally own that dream bike, the first thing they want to do is customize their ride in some way, just to put their own mark on it and differentiate their machine from the rest of the herd.