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Bike trips are adventurous ones and are a dream of every enthusiastic bike rider to go on a road trip at least once in their life. It is the best and inexpensive way to enjoy the surroundings freely and feel the wind on your face, and this makes the traveling experience memorable. However, to make the journey smooth and comfortable, you need to take with you some essential items. Biker clothes, sleeping bags, and camping tent tops the list of essential items, but there are other items as well that you need to take with you on your bike trip, and these things are mentioned below.

Pack a rain suit

Rain can occur at any time of the day during your trip, and it can halt your trip until the time it stops. This makes it difficult for you to ride your bike without having raindrops touching your clothes and causing discomfort. In most instances, it can take a toll on your health, and you can get sick. So the best way to avoid these unwanted circumstances is to carry a rain suit with you. These waterproof rain suits will protect you from getting wet, and you can continue your journey.

Flat tire repair kit 

When traveling, you never know when your bike tire gets punctured, and at that time, if you don’t have a repair kit, then you are stranded in the middle of the road for a long time. It can also make the journey excitement go down the drain. The kit contains essential items like a pump, tire levers, spare tires, and patches, and to carry these items, you need a saddlebag. This bag proves to be handy because of its spacious storage place. Apart from the repair kit, you can pack your snacks, lip balm, sunscreen, and much more in it. These bags have many pouches that will help you in arranging these accessories in an organized manner.

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Safety accessories

What does safety accessories include? You need an extra pair of footwear apart from the ones you are wearing so you can use them for walking or for hiking. These shoes will be for the time spent outside the bike. The next thing you need to carry is a U lock with you to secure your bike when you leave it for some time, exploring the area on your foot. It will make sure that your bike does not get stolen and is remain in the place you left it.

Carry favorite food and books

To keep yourself busy and engaged in your free time, you can carry a book or board games with you. This will prevent you from getting exhausted during the bike ride, and the food items like energy bars and drinks will be a quick source of energy for you when you are feeling low.

For your information, it is recommended that you wear bright color clothes when you are riding a bike. It will help in making you more visible to the speeding vehicles and thus reduces the probability of accidents. Also, carry a good quality cotton scarf as it serves many purposes like protecting your face from the dust, sun, and wind. Not to forget, a scarf can also be used to wide your bike after the rain.

A sleeping bag for the night

Carrying a sleeping bag with you is necessary if you decide to camp at night. Although the sleeping bag is heavy, but don’t worry about the weight because it will fit perfectly on your bike and won’t affect your back. This sleeping bag will make sure that you rest comfortably at night whenever you find the perfect area for rest during your bike trip.

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Pack the items in specially made motorcycle luggage bags

Now you have collected all the items that you need to carry with you, but the next question arises, where to keep them? You need quality and durable motorcycle bags for journeying for more than one day. These bags are available in different sizes, shapes, styles, designs, and colors. You need to choose that one bag which fits your needs and requirements perfectly. The size should be the one that can easily accommodate all of the items. Of course, for that, you need to make the list of the items first, and after that, look for the bag that will match up with your needs. The bag should have secure buckles, mounts easily, and is made of good leather materials.

  1. Gadgets carry bags

You will be carrying with you some gadgets like Cell phones, GPS, digital cameras, iPods, and much more during your journey. To pack these items, tank bags are considered as one of the best because they have several pockets to keep different gadgets in it.

2.Waterproof Bags:

These bags help in protecting your items or gadgets from the rain, dew, or any other similar situation.

  1. Size Economy:

These bike bags have multiple pockets that can help you in organizing your stuff properly. It is easily accessible, and you can take out or put back the specific thing you need easily without disturbing other items.

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