The Best and Loudest Exhaust for Milwaukee 8

If you’re looking for the loudest exhaust for your Milwaukee 8, look no further! We’ve got the best options right here.

These exhausts are loud and proud, perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement on the road. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your stock exhaust or want something completely new, we’ve got you covered.


What is the loudest exhaust for Milwaukee 8?

We think the loudest exhausts for Milwaukee 8 bikes are the following.

SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5 Inch Slip Ons Muffler Exhaust


Looking to add a little attitude to your Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Touring bike? Then check out these great SHARKROAD Chrome 4.5 Inch Slip Ons Mufflers!

Not only do they look fantastic with their shiny chrome finish, but they also sound incredible, giving your Harley that signature deep rumble that everyone loves.

And best of all, they’re very affordably priced, so you can get that big sound without breaking the bank.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

The Harley riders who have purchased these pipes seem to be very pleased with their purchase. They describe the sound as “awesome” and “deep bass rumble,” and they love the way the pipes look on their bike.

One rider even says that these pipes exceed his expectations in terms of sound. Overall, these pipes seem a great buy for anyone looking for an inexpensive way to improve the sound of their Harley.

Our verdict

If you’re looking for the loudest exhaust for your Milwaukee eight, the SHARKROAD Chrome pipes are a great option. They’re well-made, look great, and most importantly, they sound incredible.

So if you want to turn heads and get people’s attention when you’re out on the open road, be sure to check out these SHARKROAD pipes. You won’t be disappointed!

How do these exhausts differ from stock exhausts?

The loudest exhausts for Milwaukee eight bikes differ from stock exhausts in a few ways.

First, they’re much louder, which is ideal if you want to turn heads and get people’s attention when you’re out on the open road.

Second, they often look different than stock exhausts. Many of the loudest options are made from chrome, giving your bike a new look.

And finally, some of the loudest exhausts for Milwaukee eight bikes are also more expensive than stock exhausts. So if you want to make a statement and have the budget, upgrading to a loud exhaust is a great option.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a loud exhaust?

If you’re looking for more power and a better sound out of your Milwaukee Eight engine, upgrading to a loud exhaust is one of the best modifications you can make. There are a few benefits that come along with this modification.

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First, you’ll see an increase in power. A loud exhaust allows your engine to breathe better, which means more power and better performance.

Second, you’ll get a better sound out of your engine. A loud exhaust gives your Milwaukee Eight a deep, throaty sound that is sure to turn heads.

Lastly, a loud exhaust can help you set your bike apart from the rest. With so many Milwaukee Eights on the road, it can be hard to make yours stand out. But with a loud exhaust, you’ll definitely be noticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about loud exhausts for Milwaukee Eights.

How loud is a stock Harley exhaust?

A stock Harley exhaust is usually around 80 decibels.

Will removing baffles hurt my bike?

No, removing the baffles from your exhaust will not hurt your bike. By doing this, you will not only make your engine sound louder but also reduce the amount of back pressure in your motorcycle’s exhaust.

Do loud pipes save lives?

No scientific evidence supports the claim that loud pipes save lives. However, many riders believe that loud exhausts make it easier for drivers to hear them on the road, which can help prevent accidents.

Should I get a loud exhaust if I ride mostly on highways?

You may want to consider a loud exhaust if you do mostly highway riding. A loud exhaust will help your engine breathe better at high speeds, which can lead to increased power and performance.

What are the downsides of loud exhausts?

The main downside of loud exhausts is that they can be quite loud. A loud exhaust can be disruptive to your neighbors if you live in an urban area or ride mostly in residential areas. Also, loud exhausts can be quite loud for the rider, which can be uncomfortable on long rides.

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Can I make my stock exhaust louder?

Yes, you can make your stock exhaust louder by removing the baffles from inside the pipes. This is a relatively easy modification, making your engine sound much louder. However, remember that this will also make your motorcycle significantly louder for the rider.

What is a 2 into 1 exhaust?

A two-into-one exhaust is a type of exhaust system that combines both header pipes into a single pipe. This type of exhaust is often used on V-twin engines, like the Milwaukee Eight, because it provides more power and a deeper sound.

Do loud pipes void my warranty?

No, loud pipes do not void your warranty. However, if you modify your exhaust system and it causes damage to your engine, the warranty may not cover the repairs.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a loud exhaust for your Milwaukee Eight, be sure to check out SHARKROAD. They have the perfect option for you with a wide selection of loud chrome pipes. And with their expert knowledge and customer service, they’ll be able to help you find the perfect exhaust for your bike. I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading!

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