Cafe Racer, Yamaha

Yamaha XS650 Cafe Racer: All Go And Show

The history of the Yamaha XS 650 is pretty well documented, and although the statuesquely proportioned parallel twin engine is used in almost every kind of custom imaginable, the bike transforms so well into a Café Racer, perhaps Yamaha should have done it themselves. So without further ado, let’s look at probably the best-looking Yamaha XS650 Café Racer in the…

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Honda SL125 – A Dirt Bike On The Right Track

If you stand still long enough, someone somewhere will Chop, Bob Café Race or customize any bike you can possibly think of and probably some you can’t. The recent trend to ‘dirt’ things up is producing some very usable looking bikes that look cool enough to separate you from the herd on the way to work and tough enough for…

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Bobber, Honda

The 250cc Bobber – It Doesn’t Have To Be Big To Be Bad

In the early 80’s the 250cc market was going crazy. Every motorcycle manufacturer on the planet had a representative in the quarter liter class with an amazing 20 plus different models being offered from the top four Japanese manufacturers alone. Other manufacturers such as CZ, MZ, Cagiva and Morini were also on the scene, with Benelli even having a 250cc…

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Bobber, Triumph

Hardtail Bobber Goes Back To The Future

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you’ll know all about Triumph’s latest offering. It’s all over the news right now like it’s the second coming, and why not. It’s a beautiful looking tribute to the Hardtail Bobber of yesteryear, with its clever mix of retro looks and hi-tech workings, it’s even got a single saddle…

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The Hardknock Bobber: Custom Biking On A Budget

Chopper kits have been around for quite a few years now with names like Custom Chrome, Zodiac, Pro One and Flyright all offering bolt together Custom bikes that according to their spiel, just need ‘gas and a paint job.’ All of the above are specifically aimed at big block V- twins whether they’re Sportsters or humungous big bore S&S engines,…

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Bobber, Suzuki

A Savage Suzuki Bobber From Moscow

The fight for Cruiser domination in the marketplace was well under way by the mid 80’s and although Suzuki had put a toe in the market with their Low Slinger or L series 4-cylinder line, the humble Suzuki Savage was the company’s first real Cruiser. The diminutive single-cylinder bike, with its classic 650cc displacement was the first real Suzuki Bobber…

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Kawasaki KZ400: The Workhorse Gets A Facelift

Today, I’m taking a look at a bike that has probably slipped under a lot of people’s radar. The unassuming commuter/workhouse that is the Kawasaki KZ400. But it’s not until you start to do some research though, that you begin to find some interesting things about a bike that let’s be honest, is comparatively uninteresting. Production started all the way…

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