The Hardknock Bobber: Custom Biking On A Budget

Chopper kits have been around for quite a few years now with names like Custom Chrome, Zodiac, Pro One and Flyright all offering bolt together Custom bikes that according to their spiel, just need ‘gas and a paint job.’ All of the above are specifically aimed at big block V- twins whether they’re Sportsters or humungous big bore S&S engines,…

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Bobber, Suzuki

A Savage Suzuki Bobber From Moscow

The fight for Cruiser domination in the marketplace was well under way by the mid 80’s and although Suzuki had put a toe in the market with their Low Slinger or L series 4-cylinder line, the humble Suzuki Savage was the company’s first real Cruiser. The diminutive single-cylinder bike, with its classic 650cc displacement was the first real Suzuki Bobber…

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Kawasaki KZ400: The Workhorse Gets A Facelift

Today, I’m taking a look at a bike that has probably slipped under a lot of people’s radar. The unassuming commuter/workhouse that is the Kawasaki KZ400. But it’s not until you start to do some research though, that you begin to find some interesting things about a bike that let’s be honest, is comparatively uninteresting. Production started all the way…

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Bobber, Honda

Honda Shadow Steps Into The Light

In the early 80’s Honda brought out their line of laid back V- twins, in an attempt to cash-in on the ever-growing Cruiser market. The first models were in 500 and 750 guises, but the latter fell foul of newly introduced 45% import duty tax, which prompted a re-sleeving of the engine down to 700cc. However, once the levy was…

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Cafe Racer, Yamaha

The Yamaha Virago: From Cruiser To Cafe Racer

They may have been aimed at the Cruiser market, but the Yamaha Virago sure makes a sexy Café Racer. One of the first production bikes to boast a mono-shock rear end, the Yamaha Virago appeared in the dealer showrooms in 750cc form in 1981. Well before the term was even conceived, the Virago was the first traditionally mounted V-twin engined…

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