Best Harley Stereo Upgrade: Aftermarket Replacement

Looking for the best Harley Davidson stereo upgrade? You’ve come to the right place. This blog post will discuss some of the best aftermarket radios available for Harley riders. Whether you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your music or want a more powerful radio system, we’ve got you covered. So without further ado, let’s get started!

So, what’s the best Harley stereo upgrade – you will ask.

The Aquatic AV MP5 is the finest Harley stereo upgrade available, assuming it fits your particular bike. This will fit most Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 1998 to 2013, but it may also be used for aftermarket modifications. This unit is popular because it sounds great and is easy to operate.

According to the comments of others, this equipment will continue to work flawlessly for many years after purchase. Bluetooth is included, unlike a stock head unit. This will make listening to your favorite music considerably more convenient since it will be more straightforward.


Best Harley Stereo Upgrade Reviews

AQUATIC AV MP5 – Top Choice for Harley Stereo Upgrade


The Aquatic AV MP5 is the best radio replacement on many Harley Davidson riders’ bikes. It will fit most models from 1998 to 2013 and after, but you should still be cautious and ensure that you don’t acquire anything you don’t require.

The Aquatic AV MP5 may be linked using Bluetooth, but it also works with USB and MP3 devices. To put it another way, you may listen to music on the road in any manner that you choose.

Installation is usually easy for most people. However, some customers did not have an easy time.

Some people had trouble tightening the bolts. They found their way to do it that worked for them. You can look at what they did in the comments.

After you’ve completed the installation, this head unit starts to shine. The audio quality is excellent. It’s simple to operate and won’t give you any problems. Last but not least, it does have a clock, as some consumers have claimed.



The Sony XAV-AX7000 is no longer just a stereo upgrade. At this point, this little device may do almost everything else that you could desire in terms of enhancing your entire experience.

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It’s also a really strong unit. Sony claims that this gadget compares to an external amplifier. They aren’t incorrect. The touchscreen on this device stands out as the second feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

The Sony XAV-AX7000 is a good radio because it does many things that other radios do, but it also has some extra features. For example, you can get real-time traffic information with this radio. That way, you can find the best routes and plan your trips better.

It works with WebLink3 and has voice control capabilities. It includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and you may connect multiple devices to it. But what you’re probably going to love most is the fact that you can customize a variety of sound settings. If that’s you, then rejoice!

The XAV-AX7000 is packed with many more features than the XAV-AX3000, but these are the most essential. You’ll have to look at the 7-inch display and discover them for yourself.



Another firm that provides high-quality stereos is Alpine. This model is somewhat conventional. We believe you will appreciate them if the other pieces on our list do not appeal to you because of their modern appearance.

This is an AM/FM radio that people use in their cars, including their Harleys. It works with USB drives and CDs if you’re still into it. And, yes, it includes Bluetooth, which you may use to listen to music or make hands-free phone calls.

Despite its classic appearance and essential functions, the Alpine CDE-172BT has more features than it appears to have. It’s compatible with Pandora, for example. What is Pandora? It’s an internet music streaming service that operates similarly to the radio.

Pandora determines the music you hear on this platform based on the music you usually listen to. However, let’s return to this approach: if you believe a radio with classic features and a little more icing is required, this model may be ideal for you.

The price is reasonable, and the only real drawback to this radio is that its display is small. Some people like this method, but it might be confusing if you’re using it on a Harley. It’s yours to decide!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Harley Stereo Upgrade

We’ll go through some purchasing factors in this section, which you should consider if you want to purchase a really great product. Furthermore, we’ll discuss a few extra accessories that may be beneficial.

Don’t be concerned. It’s not a major problem since they aren’t really required. But first, let’s talk about what makes an excellent stereo upgrade or replacement for Harleys.


Bluetooth is a must-have feature if you want to buy a new Harley stereo. It’s one of the essential features since it allows you to easily connect your phone and other devices without hurting them or putting them in danger, which can cause an accident.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been on your bike; there’s always a chance that you’ll hear your phone going off.

If the stereo has Bluetooth, you can use it to connect your phone and listen to any alerts or calls coming in. You will not have to worry about losing your focus on the road because it is all handled by the unit itself.

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You can also play music from your phone without any issues.

The best Harley stereo upgrade will have Bluetooth capabilities so that you can connect to it quickly and keep your focus on the road.

Remote Control

Almost all Harley stereos come with remote control, but not all are created equal. If you want to buy one of the best Harley stereos, make sure that it has a remote control and check what functions you can do with the remote control.

A good example is controlling the volume of your music without having to touch anything. You’ll be able to do all this from the comfort of your bike seat by using a simple button on your phone or, even better, from the remote control.


A waterproof stereo is essential to take your motorcycle out in the rain or snow. You’ll be able to keep riding without worrying about getting wet because this type of unit will protect your speakers and other components from water damage, even when it’s raining outside.

You may also get a waterproof cover for the radio if you don’t have one and want to protect it from water damage.

Waterproof radios are essential because they keep your equipment dry, even when you’re riding in inclement weather conditions.


A USB port is a must-have feature for any motorcycle stereo system. This will allow you to charge your devices while you’re on the road. You can also use it to play music from a USB drive, which is an excellent feature if you want to take your entire music library with you on your trip.

It’s always essential to have a charged phone and plenty of music when you’re out riding your Harley.


When buying a new Harley stereo, always make sure that you ask about the installation process. Some stereos are easier to install than others, and some come with an installation kit. If you don’t have any prior experience installing stereos, it’s best to choose one that is easy to install.

Otherwise, you may end up damaging the unit or voiding the warranty.

The best Harley stereo upgrade will be easy to install so that you can have it up and running in no time.

External Amps

If you want to add an external amplifier, then make sure that the stereo has a line-out port. This will allow you to connect an amp and get better sound quality from your speakers. It’s best not to buy a unit without this feature because it can cause problems down the road if you decide later on that you want to add an amp.

The best Harley stereo upgrade will have a line-out port so that you can add an external amplifier and get better sound quality from your speakers.

Here are some of the most common questions that people have about Harley stereos:

How do I connect my phone to the stereo?

The best way to connect your phone is to use Bluetooth. This will allow you to play music and take calls without worrying about anything.

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Can I control the stereo with a remote control?

Almost all Harley stereos come with remote control, so you’ll be able to adjust the volume and other settings without having to touch anything.

Can I use an external amplifier?

Yes, you can add an amp to your stereo if it has a line-out port for connecting one.

What are the best Harley stereos?

We’ve included some of our favorite options above, but we haven’t reviewed many more on the market yet. Do your research and find the best stereo for you and your bike.

Is the stereo waterproof?

Yes, most Harley stereos are waterproof. They have a water-resistant design to protect the unit and your speakers from moisture damage.

Why should I replace my factory stereo head unit?

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your stock radio. To start with, and most importantly, they are expected to fail.

Even if you have them fixed, they may still break in the future. Stock Harley shocks and maybe other parts are considered cheap and low-quality.

Second, factory head units lack Bluetooth, a must-have feature in today’s market. These features alone should be enough to persuade you to upgrade it. On the other hand, aftermarket stereos are considerably louder than original equipment.

Do I need a special antenna?

If your bike doesn’t have one or it’s been damaged, then yes. You can buy an aftermarket antenna that will fit perfectly on your Harley.

Is there an easy way to install a new head unit in my Harley-Davidson Sportster?

Yes, there is! There are plenty of videos online that show you exactly how to do it.

Why are some stereos better than others?

Many factors go into determining which one is best for your needs. The main ones are price, features, and brand reputation. You’ll want something with a reasonable price point, so it doesn’t break the bank but also has all the features you need. And, of course, it’s essential to go with a reputable brand with a long history of making quality products.

What’s the best way to install a new head unit in my Harley-Davidson Sportster?

The first thing you’ll want is to disconnect all wires from your old radio. Then, remove any mounting brackets that might be holding it down. Next, unscrew any screws or bolts on top of the head unit itself so that you can pull it out of its slot. Now that everything is loose, carefully disconnect the wires running to each speaker (there should be four).

Once they’re all disconnected, plug them into the corresponding ports on your new stereo and secure any brackets or screws holding down your old radio. And voila! You’re done!

Final Words

If you are looking for the best Harley stereo upgrade, it is important to consider what type of sound quality you want. You will also need a line-out port so that your speakers can be amplified with an external amplifier. The remote control is also nice because most stereos come with one and it allows hands-free operation without touching anything on the stereo.

It’s possible to replace factory head units in some models if they have mounting brackets or screws holding them down, but others may require special tools like antennas. When selecting which replacement radio might be right for you, make sure to take into an account the price point as well as other features such as Bluetooth compatibility and brand reputation.

The easiest way to install a new head unit is usually by following a video on YouTube. So, if you’re looking for the best sound quality and ease of installation, an aftermarket Harley stereo replacement is the way to go!

We hope this article has helped inform you about some of the best Harley stereos on the market.

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