Best Harley Touring Shocks

A lot goes into making a great Harley touring bike – comfort, power, handling, and using the best Harley touring shocks among them. But one of the essential factors in ensuring a smooth ride is having a good set of shocks. 

Harley motorcycles come in different models and sizes, and you can even customize them to order. Not all shocks work with every model of Harley–some might work with one model in a series, but not another model in a different series.

This article will show why you need to upgrade your touring shocks. In a later post, we’ll go over some specific shock models and part numbers, as well as how much they cost, and pretty much everything else you need to know to get the right one for your Harley!


What to Look For in the Best Harley Touring Shocks


Choosing the right shocks for your Harley can be a complex process. Overwhelmed by choices? We’ve got you covered! Here are the five points to look for when buying Harley touring shocks.


You can get shocks anywhere from $200 at the bottom to over $1000. But if you’re on a budget, you don’t need to break the bank on Harley touring shocks. Please look at our top 5 list; we’ve included shocks in all price ranges. 


Shock length is measured by the eye-to-eye measurement of the internal shaft (when not extended). With most Harley motorcycles, you’ll use a shock that has the same eye-to-eye length as the stock shock. Some bikes with higher forks may require a shorter or longer shock, which you can also get from most manufacturers.


Harley shocks are available with different levels of adjustability. Other riders have different weights and riding styles, so shocks are available in different suspension stiffnesses (i.e., how much they compress under load). The standard measurement for this is the clicker setting; it’s the number of complete turns you’ll need to make before reaching maximum compression.


Some Harley touring shocks come with a billet aluminum shock body, which gives them a more classic look and saves some weight. That’s a nice feature if you’re looking to shed some pounds off your motorcycle.


Harley touring shocks can come in either spring/oil or coil-over style (instead of the old twin-tube design). Coil-overs use a single coil spring for preload and damping. Coil-over shocks are best for those who plan to upgrade their motorcycle suspension or go with aftermarket fork upgrades.

Shocks will not last forever. To keep your Harley touring shocks working well, you’ll need to replace them at some point. Remember that the shocks will be working hard to support you and your passenger, so they need to be in good condition.

Best Shocks for Harley Touring

Here is the list of five of the best Harley touring shocks on amazon. Each one provides excellent performance and durability so that you can enjoy every mile on your trip. 

Check them out!

And see which one works for you!

Legends Revo-A Adjustable FL Coil Suspension – 13in. L


The Legend REVO Suspension Systems offers a variety of benefits for riders who want to take their Harley bikes on an adventure. These systems come with six external adjustments so you can fine-tune your ride’s rebound damping, giving it that perfect response when hitting bumps in the road or potholes at high speeds!

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These shocks help you find the perfect balance between grip, comfort, and performance so you can relish your ride no matter what type of road condition or terrain awaits!

So, you’ll never have to worry about where your adventure takes you; you can get on the bike and get going!

No matter what your weight is and how fast you’re going, the shocks will adjust to your needs accordingly, on their own! 

Whether you’re a light or heavy rider, it is possible to tune the performance of your bike depending on how aggressive and casual styles suit desired quality. 

These touring shocks easily fit onto Harleys without a problem, even if you’re not the handy-est of handymen. These things provide excellent stability; better handling turns in tight spots without sacrificing comfort or absorption levels like other seats out there that cost less. But it still didn’t have much success absorbing bumps/potholes compared to what you get with high-end models such as Mustang’s ‘Super Touring’ Seats.

Making this one of the best Harley touring shocks out there! 

What people say about Legends Revo-A Adjustable FL Coil Suspension – 13in. L:

These shocks have a 4-5 star rating on most stores, and users love how easy they are to install!

Looking for the best rear shocks for Harley Davidson touring? Our following product covers it all!

Burly Brand Black Rear Slammer Shocks B28-1203B


These progressive shocks from Harley Davidson will make your ride more comfortable and improve handling. The specially designed for use on Sportster 2004-2011 models come with stubby springs as well dropped spring rate, which aligns them better to rider weights than other types of bikes.

The black-colored Harley Davidson’s progressive Shocks are a combination of short stiff valving to raise the rider’s amount of stability while maintaining initial travel distance when hitting bumps or turns at high speeds. 

The shocks on this bike can be adjusted to provide a smooth ride for you and your passengers. They will go down by around two inches when loaded with weight, so keep that in mind if taking an extra person or luggage; also, remember how high up from ground level (or low) their bike might need an adjustment!

The Burly shocks for Harley Davidson offer a combination of stubby rear suspension and dropped fork springs. Still, you don’t need to disassemble the forks when installing them, making them even more accessible to most people, regardless of how experienced a rider they may be! 

What people say about Burly Brand Black Rear Slammer Shocks B28-1203B:

These shocks are rated almost five pretty much everywhere online. Users love that they’re adjustable and easy on the pocket, too, making them a significant upgrade from the stock shocks!

Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT Ultra Touring Standard Duty Shocks for Harley


The 944-4002UT is the perfect choice for any touring bike that needs an upgrade, with its progressive rate and absorption system. With up to 250 pounds of weight capacity on your Harley Davidson road glide, it will be difficult not finding use in this shock! These have frequency sensing technology (FST) that enables optimum damping to provide you with a fantastic ride experience. Thanks to this incredible UT spring combination, whether the bike is in motion or stationary, it will always be at a lowered height!

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My favorite feature about these shocks is how easy they are to install! No tools are required, and the adjustable wrench is included in case you need it. The IAS technology ensures that all four links work together for superb handling on dry roads or wet terrain while also providing excellent body comfort!

You can bet that Progressive Suspension will deliver top-notch performance with their rear shocks for Harley Touring. They offer a limited lifetime warranty, an easy installation process, and excellent customer service if anything ever goes wrong down the road!

With such high-quality parts at an affordable price, you are sure to enjoy your new ride even more than before

With these high-pressure gas-charged shocks, you can adjust your spring preload without any special tools. They provide you the performance and smooth ride that is desired, up to an inch lower stance! If you want the best of the best, this one is one of the top options you can go for! 

What people say about Progressive Suspension 944-4002UT Ultra Touring Standard Duty Shocks for Harley:

These shocks have hight rating on major online stores. Users love the most because they’re not super soft and give you the suspension you’d need for a rough ride without making the ride too bouncy!

WSays 10.5 Inch Lowering Kit Rear Shocks Preload Adjustable Gloss Black


Talking about the best lowering shocks for Harley touring? Here’s it is!

With their latest suspension product, progressive has made another high-quality motorcycle suspender that is durable and affordable. Unlike other competing products, which are usually plastic or lightweight steel alloy with only single-stage damping mechanisms (or no oil at all), this new 2 in one 412 – 408B rig can handle anything you throw its way!

The preload adjuster strategically placed on top of each arm allows riders complete control over how much support they want when speeds pick up; if there’s less than five mph wind outside, but you’re still riding hard through tight spaces, you’ll still be a-okay!

With gas charge lowering shocks and heavy-duty progressive rate springs, your ride will be smooth as silk. The black covers keep them durable so you can enjoy the road without worrying about rusting or getting damaged by dirt!

Making it super low maintenance.

The spring-loaded suspension of this bike makes sure that you can ride it safely regardless of whether your weight is light or heavy. No matter how much force there may be on a particular side, tension will always find its way back into balance like magic!

This chair provides constant damping for smoothness with dual shock absorbers and high-pressure monotube gas-charged. It also has a separate preload system to adjust ride height up 2 inches which ensures it can handle variable weights of riders or passengers without bobbing around too much on uneven terrain!

You can use these premium gas-charged monotube shocks on your bike to make it look great and provide a consistent ride. That’s perfect if you want different feels in different parts of the day or just one long haul with no stopovers!

With the lowering of your bike, you can get a fantastic new look for it! It will be like a fresh start.

The lower position on this shock is perfect if you want a rougher ride because, in return, they offer better control and stability while going up hills or steep terrain, which makes riding much easier!

What people say about WSays 10.5 Inch Lowering Kit Rear Shocks Preload Adjustable Gloss Black:

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These shocks are rated a 4/5 almost everywhere across the globe. Users love the most about them because they come with an installation kit, and everything can easily be adjusted using the wrenches they come with!

Progressive Suspension 412-4077B Black 13″ Shocks


With its unique twin-tube design that is slightly less durable than monotube construction, this set still has a double-wall steel body. It features advanced nitrogen-charged multi-stage velocity-sensitive valves for smooth damping. Plus comes with a five-position cam-style adjuster so you can change the ride based on weight!

We all want to find that perfect touring shock for our Harley. That’s why we have different weights and heights, so there can be an appropriate setting based on your size!

The preload adjustments will help you adapt the bike’s position with ease – once set up properly, it’ll feel like second nature in making those necessary tweaks while thrilling through every turn or curve without thinking about how much effort went into getting here (or not).

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced biker, these new touring shocks will help your bike stay smooth and firm on the road. They’ve got durable construction that ensures long-lasting performance for years of hard riding!

Improve your bike’s handling with a set of high-quality suspension shocks. These personalized ride favorites will provide exceptional comfort and improved performance for every journey you take on! The adjustability ensures that each rider gets an enthusiastic response from their motorcycle while also rebuilding them if needed in the future. They’re so durable that it’s possible that you won’t need to buy any touring shocks in the future ever again! 

What people say Progressive Suspension 412-4077B Black 13″ Shocks:

These are some of the highest-rated shocks out there, with close to a 5/5 rating everywhere. Users love that they’re easy to install and stiff enough to keep the ride comfortable but soft enough that no bumps in the road are ever felt!

Frequently asked questions

What is the best shock brand?

Progressive suspension is the best of both worlds when it comes to shocks. They have a wide range and are easily adjustable so that you can find your perfect balance!
The company also has some cool designs with different spring heights as well – this makes them stand out from other companies in its field because most only offer one type or size at any given time, but with these, you can choose exactly what you want!

What is the best way to change Harley-Davidson Sportster shocks?

The great thing about shock absorbers is that they’re usually replaceable without having to take out your fork. Unscrew the old ones and install new ones, making sure it’s adjusted for how much weight you have on board!

What can I do to improve my Sportster’s handling?

Improvements in handling can be achieved by respringing your front forks with progressive spring and setting preload to suit both you and the weight of the bike. Aftermarket dampers can also be installed here as well.

What is the measurement of stock Sportster shocks?

The length of your stock shocks typically tends to range from 11 to 13 1/2 inches. They’re measured fully extended, beginning at the eyelet and working toward the center.

How much does a good Harley Sportster shock cost?

Although different companies can charge a vastly different amount for the shocks they put out, they’re generally around the $200 mark.


Getting the right touring shocks for your Harley is no easy feat. 

If you are in the market for the best Harley touring shocks, there is no better way to get started than by checking out our list. We have compiled all of the best shocks from various models and sizes so that your search will be easier!

Harley Davidson motorcycles come with many different types- from touring bikes or cruisers depending on how they’re geared up and including street Ebolainders if one prefers profits more rowdy ride without compromising handling ability when going around corners at high speeds!

If you’re interested in upgrading your shocks’ look, performance, or strength, check out our guide on how to choose Harley touring rear shocks.

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