What Is Harley Davidson Rushmore?

Harley Davidson Rushmore is an impressive technological advancement from the iconic motorcycle company. It is a full-featured collection of features that make owning and riding a Harley Davidson even more enjoyable. This advanced system includes several key components, such as a new infotainment system, increased performance, and improved handling. In this article, readers will learn about the various components of the Harley Davidson Rushmore system and gain an understanding of why it has become so popular among riders.

What Is Harley Davidson Rushmore

The technology behind Harley Davidson Rushmore is quite impressive. This system consists of many individual components that work together to provide riders with an enhanced experience while they are out on their bike. The infotainment system provides riders with access to music, navigation information, and other data while they ride. Additionally, performance improvements have been made to the engine and transmission that give riders increased power and better responsiveness when accelerating or decelerating. Finally, engineers have worked to improve the ergonomics of the bike for improved handling and comfort.

Overall, Harley Davidson Rushmore is a great addition to the already stellar lineup from one of America’s most beloved motorcycle manufacturers. By combining modern technologies with traditional engineering practices, this system provides riders with an enhanced experience while they are out on their bike. In this article, readers will gain an understanding of what makes Harley Davidson Rushmore so appealing and how it can benefit them as they ride their Harley Davidson.

Overview Of The Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Established in 1903, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has become an American and global icon of manufacturing excellence. Throughout its history, the company has produced over 30 million motorcycles and continues to be one of the most successful motorcycle brands in the world. With a legacy of creating quality products that have stood the test of time, Harley-Davidson has become synonymous with freedom, adventure and self-expression.

Harley-Davidson is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, producing a wide range of motorcycles from lightweight cruisers to heavy touring bikes. From its Milwaukee factory to its retail stores across North America and beyond, the company’s focus on customer experience has allowed it to continue building on its success since 1903. Whether it’s customizing a bike or attending rallies around the world, Harley-Davidson is focused on providing customers with an experience that goes beyond just purchasing a product.

The iconic brand remains as strong today as it did when it first set out to revolutionize motorcycling more than 100 years ago – an impressive feat considering how much has changed in the industry since then. Harley-Davidson continues to be an example of how a company can remain committed to its core values while adapting to remain relevant and successful in a changing marketplace.

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What Is The Rushmore Project?

The Harley-Davidson Rushmore Project is a major initiative from the company, launched in 2014. It focuses on enhancing and improving the core features of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, such as powertrain performance, comfort, styling, and infotainment. The aim of the project is to provide riders with a more enjoyable experience while they ride their motorcycle.

The Rushmore Project utilizes modern technology to deliver various features and benefits that are designed to make riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle easier and more pleasurable. These features include improved engine performance, more efficient braking system, enhanced ergonomics and comfort, updated styling, and integrated infotainment systems. Additionally, the project also includes an improved suspension system that provides a smoother ride over uneven terrain.

Harley-Davidson has invested heavily in research and development for the Rushmore Project in order to ensure that each feature and benefit meets their exacting standards of quality. As a result of this investment, riders can now enjoy improved engine performance from their motorcycles without sacrificing comfort or style. Furthermore, the upgraded infotainment systems provide riders with access to important information such as fuel economy and navigation without taking away from their riding experience. With the advances made through the Rushmore Project, Harley-Davidson riders can rest assured that they are getting maximum enjoyment out of their rides.

Engine Upgrades And Innovations

Harley-Davidson Rushmore engines have undergone significant upgrades over the years, resulting in innovative technology and improved performance. One noteworthy upgrade is the incorporation of high-power air cooled engines. This makes the engine more fuel efficient and allows for better power output levels. In addition, the use of dual spark plugs helps to provide a smoother ride and increased acceleration. The Rushmore engines also feature advanced cylinder heads with higher compression ratios that enable higher performance levels.

The most recent engine upgrade for Harley-Davidson Rushmore is the High Output Twin Cam 103™ engine. This powerful engine utilizes three camshafts to improve power output as well as reduce emissions and noise pollution. It also features a 6-speed transmission that provides smooth shifting and improved fuel efficiency compared to traditional 5-speed transmissions. The High Output Twin Cam 103™ has been designed to deliver exceptional performance, making it an ideal choice for those looking for maximum power from their Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Overall, Harley-Davidson Rushmore engines have undergone several upgrades over time, resulting in improved performance levels and better fuel efficiency. The High Output Twin Cam 103™ is an example of one such upgrade that has significantly increased power output while also reducing emissions and noise pollution. These innovative upgrades have made Harley-Davidson Rushmore engines some of the most reliable and powerful on the market today.

New Comfort Technologies

Harley Davidson Rushmore has incorporated a variety of comfort features to enhance the riding experience. Air-ride technology provides an adjustable suspension system that is designed for a smooth ride, no matter the terrain. Dual-controls enables riders to adjust the suspension settings individually, allowing for optimal comfort and performance. Heated-seats are available to keep riders warm on colder days and adjustable windshields provide protection from wind and rain. Passenger-backrests are also included, allowing for added support and comfort for those sitting behind the driver. All of these features combine to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both rider and passenger alike. With this in mind, Harley Davidson Rushmore has elevated the standard of luxury touring motorcycles.

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Advanced Electronics Features

Harley-Davidson Rushmore motorcycles are equipped with advanced electronics features that provide riders with a safe, enjoyable riding experience. The smart security system helps protect the bike from theft and includes an alarm system as well as a fob. Cruise control allows the user to maintain a comfortable speed while on the road. Adaptive headlights increase visibility during night rides and reduce eye strain. The audio system is Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with connected apps so riders can access their favorite stations wherever they go. Additionally, riders can receive additional safety features such as turn-by-turn navigation, weather forecasts, and automatic emergency assistance. With these features, Harley-Davidson Rushmore motorcycles offer riders a unique combination of convenience and safety.

Improved Styling And Design

Harley Davidson Rushmore has become a symbol of customized styling and sleek design. Its modern look makes it stand out from the crowd. The aerodynamic styling is a combination of classic look and new technology, giving it an iconic presence on the road. In addition to its stylish aesthetics, Harley Davidson Rushmore provides riders with the best ergonomics possible, allowing for a comfortable ride experience.

The improved styling and design of Harley Davidson Rushmore have been designed to provide riders with a unique yet timeless look that will last for years to come. With its timeless silhouette and modern features, riders can customize their bike to suit their own individual tastes. Whether you are looking for a classic look or want something more modern, Harley Davidson Rushmore has the perfect design to fit your needs. The advanced electronics features also give riders enhanced control of the bike’s performance, allowing them to tailor their ride according to their preferences.

Benefits Of The Rushmore Project

The Harley Davidson Rushmore project was an ambitious initiative that aimed to enhance the performance and aesthetic of Harley Davidson’s touring motorcycles. The project significantly improved fuel economy, lowered emissions, and improved handling capabilities. Additionally, the motorcycle featured advanced features such as a new infotainment system, a new and ergonomic designed seat and adjustable footpegs.

These significant changes meant that riders could enjoy longer rides with greater comfort and safety. The addition of the infotainment system with audio input options allowed riders to enjoy their music while on the go. The re-designed seat was more comfortable for longer trips, and adjustable footpegs enabled riders to find their perfect riding position. All these features combined gave Harley Davidson’s touring bikes an edge over other models in its class.

Models Available With Rushmore Technology

Harley Davidson Rushmore technology is currently available on five models: Sportster 1200, Street 750, Dyna Wide Glide, Softail Slim and V-Rod Muscle. The Sportster 1200 is a mid-size bike with a classic look. It features a 1202cc Evolution engine and the latest version of Harley Davidson’s high-performance suspension packages. The Street 750 has a lightweight frame and 749cc liquid cooled Revolution X engine for easy handling and responsive power delivery. The Dyna Wide Glide has an iconic appearance with wide handlebars and low seat height making it perfect for cruising. The Softail Slim maintains the classic bobber look but with modern amenities like adjustable rear suspension, cruise control and ABS brakes. Finally, the V-Rod Muscle provides unmatched power and torque from its 1250cc liquid cooled Revolution engine. All five models feature Harley Davidson’s advanced Boom! Box infotainment system as well as LED lighting to enhance visibility at night. In addition to these advanced technologies, all five models are available in a variety of color options so riders can customize their bikes to suit their style preferences.

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Accessories And Customization Options

Harley Davidson Rushmore is a motorcycle that offers riders the ability to customize their ride in unique and innovative ways. Just like an artist creating a masterpiece, Harley Davidson Rushmore owners can personalize their bike with accessories, performance upgrades, and apparel.

A motorcycle is only as good as its customization options, and the Harley Davidson Rushmore offers a wide selection of accessory parts to choose from. From handlebar wraps to saddlebags, these parts are designed to make your bike stand out from the crowd. Performance upgrades such as air intake kits and exhaust systems can also be added to ensure your ride has the power it needs for any situation.

When it comes to personalizing your Harley Davidson Rushmore, there are plenty of options for motorcycle apparel. From leather jackets to gloves and helmets, you can find something that reflects your style while protecting you on the road. Bike protection products such as framesliders and chain guards are also available for those who want extra peace of mind when riding their motorcycle.

Harley Davidson Rushmore is a great option for those looking for a customizable ride that will last them through any terrain or conditions they may encounter on their journey. With its wide selection of accessory parts, performance upgrades, motorcycle apparel and bike protection products, this is one motorcycle that won’t let you down no matter where you take it.

Test Ride A Harley-Davidson With Rushmore Technology

Test riding a Harley-Davidson with Rushmore Technology provides riders with an unparalleled experience. This revolutionary technology is designed to improve the overall performance, handling, and comfort of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. By offering improved control and power delivery, as well as advanced features such as ride modes and traction control, riders can truly experience the difference that Rushmore Technology can make.

A test ride on a Harley-Davidson with Rushmore Technology allows riders to take their riding to the next level. Through this new technology, riders can customize their motorcycle’s settings to suit their individual needs and preferences. For example, they can choose between different ride modes such as Touring or Sport mode for optimized performance in different conditions. Additionally, they can also adjust the suspension settings for a smoother ride or increase the throttle response for more power when needed.

FeatureDescriptionBenefitsRide ModesDifferent settings tailored to various riding stylesOptimized performance in different conditionsSuspension SettingsAbility to adjust suspension settingsSmoother ride and increased comfortabilityThrottle ResponseIncrease throttle response for more power when neededImproved acceleration and responsiveness

By taking a test ride on a Harley-Davidson with Rushmore Technology, riders can experience first hand all these amazing features that this revolutionary technology has to offer. With its superior performance capabilities and customizable options, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to try Harley-Davidson with Rushmore Technology.


The Harley-Davidson Rushmore project is a revolution in motorcycling technology and comfort. It is the culmination of years of engineering and design experience, combined with cutting-edge technologies to create a motorcycle that offers both performance and comfort. With new engine upgrades and innovative comfort features, riders can now enjoy the power of a Harley-Davidson with unmatched stability and control. The advanced electronics package provides riders with greater visibility in challenging conditions, while allowing them to customize their experience. The range of models available allows for further customization options, so riders can get the perfect ride for their lifestyle.

Coincidentally, it is possible to test ride a Harley-Davidson with Rushmore technology at any authorized dealership. This gives riders the opportunity to experience the power and refinement of this state-of-the-art system first hand. From enhanced safety features to increased performance capabilities, the Rushmore project has enabled Harley-Davidson motorcyclists to take their riding experiences to new levels.

In conclusion, the Harley-Davidson Rushmore project has revolutionized motorcycling by delivering unparalleled levels of performance, comfort and convenience. With its combination of innovative technologies, customizability and superior engineering, it is no wonder why riders around the world are choosing Harley-Davidson motorcycles withRushmore technology as their preferred choice for taking on whatever roads they choose to explore next.

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