Harley-Davidson Security System: How to Reset or Troubleshoot

How do you reset the Harley Davidson security system manually? This is a question that many Harley owners ask themselves. They are worried that they will not find the passcode if their Harley battery dies, and they can’t get it started again.

This article talks about how to troubleshoot Harley Davidson security system problems!

The Harley Davidson security system troubleshooting helps owners/riders of motorcycles identify vulnerabilities. A Smart Security Module supports a basic setup in every Harley design or model.

A proximity fob is linked to many of the most recent Harley designs. Assume the security system cannot sense the presence of the fob anywhere around your bike. You won’t be able to start the engine or drive it in that instance.

The security system also protects the bike from intruders and theft. The alarm goes off as soon as you switch off the motorcycle’s engine and step away from it. It turns on whenever an abnormal motion or commotion is noticed.

When the alarm stops working or low or irregular performance is experienced, you must troubleshoot the possible problems. 


How can I tell whether my Harley’s security system is functioning properly?

When the red light is on, it indicates that your security system is in good working order. When you start your bike, the red light goes off, which shows that the security system has been disarmed after receiving your command or signal.

Harley Davidson Security System Troubleshooting Tips

Alarm malfunction and how to fix it

The alarm is a crucial component of the security system. It might not function as expected due to some faults. The alarm may malfunction if the batteries have gone bad or the connections are loose. If you encounter this problem, follow the instructions below to resolve it.

The battery check

Locate the battery compartment, open it up, and remove the battery. After removing the battery, clean out the hollow in the compartment to clear it of dirt and other particles. The cleaning process is quick and simple. All you have to do is use an electrical outlet to wipe off the dirt. If your battery dies suddenly, get a replacement from a store. After replacing it, keep the lid on the battery compartment closed.

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Alarm sensor unit

If the batteries are still good, you should check to see if the alarm sensor unit is in place. It is at the back of the seat. To get there, lift your seat. If it’s not where it should be, you will need to set a sprint level on top of it. The next step is to adjust the sensor so that the bubble falls between two lines printed on it when you put a level on it.

Apply a little bit of pressure to the sensor unit so it can be reattached to the seat’s fastening pad and remain in place. After the readjustment procedure is complete, return the chair to its natural position to cover the sensor unit fully.

The Wiring

First, check the wiring. The batteries and alarm sensor should be good. Then take a metal stick and touch it to the end of the wire connected to the sensor’s housing (where it is touching). If you get electricity at that point, then there may be a problem with the wire somewhere in the motorcycle’s frame. Trace all of that part of the wire until you get close to where it enters into your alarm system.

If any wires are detached from the clamps, then fix them. You do not need any special equipment to do this. Fix the wires with a flat-edged screwdriver until they stay in place.

The Key Fob

If you lose your key fob, you can’t unlock your bike. The key and the PIN are both important for the security system. So what happens if you lose your key? There must be a way to get into it without a key fob. In this section, we will talk about how to do that:

  • Your key fob has a 5-digit number for your bike. You will need this if you want to unlock it or lock it. If you bought the bike new, talk to the dealer, and they will tell you your 5-digit number.
  • After you have secured the pin, you can change it as often as you want. I’ll explain how to do it.
  • You need a PIN to start your motorcycle. Start the bike by turning the ignition on and then press and hold the button on the throttle.
  • When the security light flashes, press and hold the left-turn signal until a command appears on the speedometer.
  • To use your bike, you need to enter the correct PIN. The valid number will be in flashing lights. You can then push the flashing red button, and your bike will start working.
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How to disarm the Harley Davidson security system

This section tells you how to turn off the Harley security system if you have a PIN. If not, it might be tough.

  • Put on your ignition and then use turn-signal buttons to signal left or right.
  • Your bike’s computer screen will show you where to put your PIN code.
  • To enter the code, use the turn signal to choose the value of each digit. For example, for a 3, press it three times.
  • First, you enter the first number. Then click on the button with a right turn signal. The next number will be in the next empty cell.
  • Put the code on the screen and press on the right-turn signal key. When it is finished, turn off the bike.

You can easily deactivate the motorcycle’s sophisticated security system if you follow the directions carefully.

How to read Harley Davidson codes

battery died on harley davidson do you have to reset security system

If you’ve been having problems reading or obtaining your bike’s security code, this part will walk you through how to do it using a few simple procedures.

Watch this video to see how it works:

  • First, turn off the ignition. Press and hold the odometer reset button. Alternatively, you may press and hold the left control unit’s toggle button until it lights up. Turn on the ignition, then remove your hand from the odometer reset button.
  • Once you’ve pressed the reset button, the background and warning lights will turn on. On the computer screen, DIAG will appear.
  • Press the RESET button. Afterward, a screen will pop up with the words PSSPt.
  • This is a place where you can see codes that represent different parts of the system.
  • You can then go into the module that has what you are looking for. It will have a list of diagnostic codes that you can use to troubleshoot your issue.

The alarm sounds when I try to take the battery out

If you’re going to take the battery out of your bike while the alarm is blaring, it might be a pain and a hassle. Follow these steps if you want to remove the battery from your bike without setting off the alarm.

  • To remove the security, you must first deactivate it. When the ignition is turned off, do not try to take out the battery.
  • Instead, turn the key to deactivate the alarm automatically. You can then remove the battery without making any noise after turning on the ignition.

How to Reset Harley Security System

As previously said. The newest Harley security system employs a proximity fob that allows the bike to start only when the key fob is positioned quite close to it. When you want to change the original factory pin to a new one, ensure you have the key fob close by.

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PIN reset

  1. Select the digits that appeal to you. These numbers should be easy to remember since they are the digits of your password. You may also note them in your diary or save them somewhere you can access them quickly.
  2. Put the key fob near your motorcycle. Turn on and off the ignition like this: turn on, then off, then on again.
  3. Push the left-turn signal button three times.
  4. Press the right turn signal button one time, then get your hand off the button. After you have released it, the turn indicator should blink up to three times or more before the existing PIN appears on the screen.
  5. The first pin will flash. Then it will ask you to put in your new pin.
  6. Input your new PIN code by pressing the left-turn signal button.
  7. For example, if the first digit of your new code is 3, you should press the left-turn signal button three times to register it.
  8. Press the right-turn signal button once to adjust. The new digit will place old digit in the odometer after you release your hand from the button.
  9. Do steps 6 and 7 until the old 5-digit PIN is gone.
  10. You need to turn the key off to complete the RESET.


What is the Harley-Davidson factory code?

The Harley-Davidson factory code is important when you want to reset your Harley. The Harley Davidson Security System uses a proximity fob that allows the bike to start only when the key fob is positioned quite close to it. When you change the original Factory Pin Code, ensure you have this Key FOB close by.

Will disconnecting battery reset anti-theft?

Yes, disconnecting the Harley Davidson battery will turn off the security system. 

Why does my theft light stay on?

If the Harley Davidson theft light stays on, most likely, your battery is drained.

What does FOB stand for?

FOB stands for original factory code. It’s a number you will need to program a new pin if your battery dies. Harley Davidson Security System goes into PIN PROTECT mode or FLASH CODE 12 & SERVICE required message appears on the computer screen – this happens when you have disconnected the battery from Harley, of course!

Is there any way I can reset my Harley Davidson without using dealer tools?

You can use codes saved in module memory with an injector scan tool to locate fault-related modules and read diagnostic trouble codes even though Harley’s computer may not be working properly anymore. But first, you will need a Harley Davidson VIN to get the correct security code.

If the Harley Davidson battery dies, will the Harley security system still work?

Harley Davidson Security System operates on 12v. When Harleys’ battery is dead, the alarm should not go off if you try to start it with a different key or disconnecting the Harley battery.

Final words

The Harley Davidson security system is a complex and important piece of the Harley Davidson puzzle. The Harley security system has evolved to keep up with technology. Still, it cannot be easy to understand how this new-fangled Harley Davidson computer works if you’re unfamiliar with Harleys old school keys.

Hopefully, we’ve helped clear some things up for you in our article about resetting your Harley Security System by teaching you how to set or change factory pins and what happens when the battery dies on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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  1. If I disconnect the battery on my 2007 FXDB the alarm goes off, as it has it`s own battery back up, it does not disarm the security system.

  2. I’m having an issue with my 2014 Streetglide security system. The riding down the road the red light will come on and stay on for a few seconds (doesn’t flash) then it goes out. Then it comes back on for a few seconds then goes out. I can’t figure out the problem. All the lights work. I do have LED lights but I have had them for several years and haven’t had a problem.

  3. i just installed a siren kit on my TriGlide Ultra. When I turn off the bike it chirps twice. When i turn on the bike it chirps once.

    When i move the fob away from the bike and try and test the siren, i rock the bike and the siren chirps fairly loud but only once and very briefly.

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