Choosing The Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson: A Biker’s Guide


If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you need to know how oil coolers work and what is the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson for your bike. Before making your purchase, there are several different things to consider, so take your time to go through this article very carefully.

But before we get started on the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson, we have to go over a list of things you need to keep in mind when getting the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson!


Bikers have tried to stray from adding oil coolers since they decrease engine performance by 7–9%. Motorcycle oil coolers are a change in engine efficiency that may not seem significant, but when you add this number up over a thousand miles of riding, you’re going to lose some speed.

As far as an oil cooler is concerned, there are two types: wet and dry. The wet type uses water to dissipate heat, while the dry type has fins that act as an air conditioning system inside the motorcycle’s engine. Performance improves with the dry type, but it is not as efficient in cooling the oil and tends to overheat.

When determining which best oil cooler for Harley Davidson would work for you, look at the bike’s general performance and efficiency. Some require modifications before installation or decrease engine life expectancy. At high speeds, wet or water-based coolers generally don’t absorb heat as efficiently as dry.

If you live in an area where summers are scorching and humid, then your only choice for an oil cooler is going to be a wet Harley-Davidson oil cooler touring that uses water since these can dissipate heat better.


The best choice for Harley-Davidson engine cooling efficiency is dry-type coolers since they are not affected by engine modification and cost less than other options. No changes are required. Wet coolers need special installation so that installation costs may outweigh their benefits in some cases. Keep in mind that you can also invest in heat shields for these oil coolers, increasing the bikes’ overall performance if you’re willing to pay more for them. If you don’t want to change your bike much, use an oil cooler that’s easy to install and still gives you the best results.

For the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson that’s also efficient, look for an oil cooler with fins instead of one with tubes inside. The performance will take a hit, but it’s not as bad as having no oil cooler at all. Performance is also boosted when using heat shields, so consider those if you want your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to perform at its very best.


The better an oil cooler can cool, the better performance and efficiency it will give your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Choose Harley twin cam oil cooler or dry-type coolers since they’re lower-priced and more efficient than water-based ones when summer temperatures are high, and humidity is abundant.

If you live in a place where summers aren’t too bad, go with a wet cooler. Due to their efficiency, performance will suffer, but the water-based coolers are better for those who live in scorching and humid places.

There is no single best oil cooler for Harley Davidson motorcycles since everyone has different needs and preferences. Most choices take a huge hit on performance. However, there are ways to make up for this loss of power by investing in certain types of oil coolers, like dry ones with fins or even heat shields if necessary.

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While not all Harley-Davidson oil coolers are suitable for all summer temperatures, they help go with something easy to install and allow the bike to perform better.

In conclusion, the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson is an oil cooler that’s easy to install and is lower in price if you want your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to be the most efficient. The performance will take a hit, but the right oil cooler can help you with this, so pick up an efficient dry model for your bike if summer temperatures are high and humidity is abundant.

Performance is better with some oil coolers than others, so consider investing in heat shields for your bike if you want it to be powerful enough for your needs.

The Harley Oil Cooler System And Its Components

Harley-Davidson oil coolers generally consist of an outer jacket surrounded by water jackets with attached tubes on each side, which the engine oil runs through.

Usually, Harley-Davidson oil coolers are made of high-grade aluminum alloy or stainless steel material for corrosion resistance and strength, so they can easily handle the heat produced by Harley engines. A Harley-Davidson oil cooler is either bolted on or built into the motorcycle itself.

Oil Cooler Types

The best oil coolers for Harley-Davidson motorcycles enhance their capabilities by improving their performance and durability. Performance Harley oil coolers can reduce heat from a 10-degree rise to a 2-degree increase.

The oil coolers protect the engine and riders who insist on riding their bikes at top speeds or through harsh conditions without any engine problems or overheating issues.

Fan Coolers

These coolers rely on airflow to keep the engine temperature down and draw in outside air via an external fan, its primary cooling source.

Oil Coolers

These work like standard non-motorcycle radiators and draw liquid via specially designed tubes and pipes.

Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson

The Best Oil Coolers For Harley Davidsons

A Harley oil cooler is a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast. Fortunately, modern-day Harley oil cooler technology has seen a vast improvement. Performance Harley oil coolers provide a great combination of performance and durability, which serves as the perfect protector for your beloved motorcycle.

Jagg Oil Coolers

Jagg oil coolers

Jagg oil coolers are the best oil coolers you can find for Harley Davidson. Jagg Oil Coolers are performance-oriented aftermarket oil coolers that feature a 2-row core and billet aluminum construction with a single fan assembly that requires no mounting brackets to fit any Harley model from 1998 or newer.

The billet oil cooler mounts directly to the front down tubes of most motorcycles. The black anodized finish provides extra protection from corrosion and oxidation while adding style to your prized motorcycle’s appearance at the same time. The two-row cooling element is available in either polished aluminum or black finishes. Jagg’s three-layer sandwich core technology maximizes heat dispersion, while Jagg’s ceramic matrix coating ensures ultimate heat retention for superior cooling power.

The two-row sandwich core is perfect for street cruiser motorcycles, while the Jagg three-row billet core provides enhanced cooling capability and better performance in modified engines. Jagg oil cooler fans are powder coated to provide a rust-resistant smooth surface, giving you peace of mind from years of use with no need to worry about corrosion.

What do customers say about Jagg Oil Cooler?

A customer says that the Jagg Oil Cooler is an excellent fit for his Sportster 1200 Low. He can run his oil at a much higher temperature without worrying about overheating issues with its superior cooling capability. Not only does this allow better performance, but it also provides increased durability and longevity of other components on his motorcycle. He highly recommends this product to other customers, especially if they are planning to modify their motorcycles in any way.

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Another customer says that the Jagg Oil Cooler takes about an hour or two to install, depending on your skill level with working on motorcycles. The part itself seems well made and sturdy. The fan moves plenty of air, even without being hooked up to power yet, which will be convenient for anyone who’s always traveling!

Finned Billet Oil V-Coolers


The Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler offers increased airflow, resulting in more efficient cooling at the most affordable price point available on the market today. The Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler features a high-quality blower motor with a JPT fan blade, an aluminum alloy top plate, an oil cooler filter, and a heater regulator.

The blower motor features a powerful 2200 watt/8.3 amp draw, delivering 60 cubic feet per minute of airflow to cool even the largest engines. Street Rodder Magazine said, “the JPT fan blade provides an excellent airflow pattern without excessive noise.” With its compact size and increased airflow, the Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler is perfect for Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles featuring large engine guards or any bike equipped with forwarding controls where space is at a premium.

This cooler’s oil filter prevents airborne dirt from entering the blower motor and fan blade to protect these components for years of trouble-free service. The blower motors can operate continuously on a 30 amp circuit, resulting in faster warm-up times and less stress on your starter system.

What do customers say about Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler?

A customer on a budget says that the Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler is an excellent product with a perfect price point. With its intermediate cooling capability, he could use it on his Sportster 883. He recommends this cooler for anyone looking for a way to get more performance out of their gasoline engine without the need to go through the hassle of adequately tuning and adjusting a carburetor. Another customer with a 1985 Harley Davidson FLT Tour Glide Custom says that while there are some issues with heat dissipation using this oil cooler, it does have good design features and performs better than most fans or other coolers.

The fan moves air well enough even at idle speeds, resulting in reduced wear and tear on your starter system. The wiring harness is easy to install, requiring only about an hour or two of work on the part itself.

Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kit


The Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kit is a thermostatically controlled fan that provides a continuous flow of cooling air even while the bike is idling in traffic or moving at low speed. It’s ideal for bikes that see parade duty and other low-speed or continuous idle situations. The perfect addition to a motorcycle modified with high-performance components.

The Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kit features aluminum construction with an anodized finish, powder-coated mounting brackets, a tough ABS plastic control box, a blower assembly with a 2200 watt blower motor, an oil filter with a pre-filter screen to protect the fan motor, a stainless steel mesh grille, and high-impact power cables.

What do customers say about Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler ?

Customers are delighted with its installation. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the tools needed for installation, except the essential hand tools. Customers say it is a great addition, especially in warmer weather when your bike runs extremely hot without it. Some customers report that they use this cooler and an oil filter relocation kit to keep their bike running cooler for longer periods.

Smt-oil Cooling System


SMT-oil’s cooler is jam-packed with features, including intelligent inbuilt technology to keep your motorcycle operating smoothly. This fan-assisted oil cooler includes an electronic thermostat embedded into the oil filter adapter itself. When the temperature hits 220°F, the fan will automatically turn on. The fan will shut off on its own when the temperature drops to 190°F or lower, saving energy when it isn’t needed. You can install this oil cooler yourself if you’re confident with your hand tools, but the electronic components may necessitate professional installation. You’ll notice how robust this oil cooler is as you’re installing it by yourself.

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The covers are machined steel and include steel grids, so they’re ready to use. The machined steel and steel grids ensure that they can withstand the punishment of gravel and debris found on poorly maintained roadways.

The oil filter couplings are custom-machined from 6061 aluminum and feature dual IP68 waterproof fans. These fans are not only splash-proof and waterproof, but they can also withstand being fully submerged up to 1.5 meters deep. They’re also dust-resistant. The SMT Cooling system is well worth the money. You gain greater benefits than with standard aftermarket oil coolers. This is an excellent option for individuals who want to get the most out of their Harley Davison accessories and don’t want to settle for the first oil cooler that comes along. This is for the most ardent riders who require equipment to keep up.

What do customers say about SMT-Oil Cooling System?

Customers highly recommend this oil cooler kit, which is not only easy to install but is also waterproof. Customers say it’s an excellent modification for their beloved Harley’s that even feature water-proof fans. Overall, these are great for enthusiasts who love to take their bikes on long trips where a robust cooler is necessary for harsh environments.

YHMTIVTU Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator Fit 


The YHMTIVTU oil cooling system is just what you need for stop/start traffic and cruising, but not for aggressive riders. Its cooling radiator is just what your motorbike needs to stay cool. Even if you’re going at a low pace or attempting to avoid traffic congestion, it can supply constant cooling air, making it an excellent alternative for Harleys on congested city routes. This device includes a fan-assisted cooler that will ensure a 50°F reduction in oil temperature.

This aftermarket oil cooler is meant to be a smooth bolt-on replacement for a stock cooler. You won’t need to mess about anything in the engine or make any modifications because the installation is plug-and-play. As a result, you may find it far easier rather than hiring a professional and save some bucks by installing it yourself. You not only save money on the service charge, but you also gain confidence and get a better understanding of your engine. This is the perfect choice if you want an oil cooler with a more relaxed riding style.

Your Harley would appreciate the extra help in keeping its engine temperature stable so that it may operate at its best at all times.

What do customers say about YHMTIVTU Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator Fit?

Customers say that they’re impressed with the cooling capabilities of this oil cooler. Customers confirm that it is a plug-and-play 80% installation, with the only modification is the filter adapter for which you have to drill a small hole.

This is what you get when you buy an aftermarket product. Customers say it’s still worth the extra effort, especially when considering that this oil cooler is available at a very reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Harley-Davidson oil cooler like?

A Harley-Davidson oil cooler is a device that ensures that Harley’s engine does not overheat by transferring the heat from the engine out of the engine block. It can be used as an additional radiator for the motorcycle. In fact, in recent years, Harley-Davidson has included it in some of its models because of its increasing popularity among riders and enthusiasts alike.

How does an oil cooler work?

A Harley oil cooler kit works like any other radiator you might see on cars or motorcycles. The engine produces heat when it heats up, particularly when it experiences high revs or demands more power than usual. This excess heat has to go somewhere, and if not handled properly, it will build up within the engine, leading to a blown gasket, sheared bolts, or warped parts. Harley oil coolers are precisely what dissipates the excess heat away from the Harley Davidson engine block.

Does oil cooler help engine?

With the fan-assisted oil cooler, you will feel a sudden difference in your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The engine is not held back and can perform better than before with less stress because the cooler takes the hot air from the bike and directs it outwards instead. Keeping the bike cooler and the engine safer.

You’re ready to get cooling!

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I hope it has given you the information needed to make the right choice for your specific Harley. If you would like to learn about something specifically related to this post, please leave a comment below.

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